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Sunday Seafood Special

July 25, 2017

The winter weather is game enough to keep even the best of us weekend adventurers locked indoors, rugged up and toasty- but where is the fun in that!? Lucky for us, we have countless beautiful restaurants to wine and dine at, no matter the weather. Last Sunday was a particularly cold, grey and dreary one, so when one of my girlfriend's rang me up for a lunch date there was no hesitation in my answer- get me out of here! Like me, she is a sea food lover so we settled with a late lunch at The Rocks in Mornington. The Rocks is definitely one of my local go-to spots for a good sea food fix- particularly oysters with a glass (or three) of Pinot Noir. My amazing meal inspired me to formulate a list of some great places to visit for some of that salty, ocean goodness.

The Rocks, Mornington
Obviously this water front venue was going to make the list, as it was the inspiration, after all. I love the Tasmanian oysters available, served naturally with lots and LOTS of lemon. My mouth is literally salivating at the thought of them. The bigger the oyster the better for me, and every time I have had a serving they are incredibly fresh and completely fulfil my craving. I also tried the tempura soft shell crab slider, slaw, gochujang chilli mayo, which was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten. Yep, I said it. The bun was insanely soft, and black in colour (which made for a great photo op- and that's all that matters, right .. ha ha), the crab heavenly and the chili mayonnaise very complementing. I am attending again just to show this dish to someone else- THAT'S how much I loved it. We also ordered some Asian greens, braised duck buns and seafood dumplings. The Rocks is great for casual dining and sharing, which was exactly what myself and my friend were after on a rather ordinary winter Sunday Afternoon.

The Beach Shack, Sorrento
I haven't eaten any other seafood other than oysters from this venue, which also has a killer view of the bay (can you tell I love oysters yet?), but highly recommend this restaurant for them, partnered with a cheeky cocktail- go on, you deserve it.

Kirks Hotel, Mornington 
Kirtks Seafood plate covers it all, offering salt & pepper calamari, battered tiger prawns, grilled flake fillets, chilled oysters, & Australian king prawns with chips- because we all need carbs. If I could insert emoji's I definitely would enter in that one with the dribble coming from it's mouth- this is making me too hungry.. but, onto the next..

Two Buoys, Dromana
Creamy prawns with chilli and garlic, searved with sourdough- need I say more. Maybe, partnered with a bottle of Foxey's Hangout Pinot Gris. That is all.

Portsea Hotel, Portsea
For the BIG seafood lovers the Portsea Hotel Seafood Buffet is a no brainer really. It's served for two- or one... depending on how hungry you are. Like Kirks dish, this covers it all and leaves you satisfied. Porstea Hotel is such a beautiful venue, too, so I definitely recommend a visit.

GPO Hotel, Rosebud
Seafood and spaghetti- name a better combo. The Seafood marinara at the GPO is heavenly, and will not leave you hungry. I encourage you head down on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy your meal while listening to the weekly live music. What better afternoon than stuffing your face with seafood marinara and enjoying local talent.

Lounge Three87, Mount Eliza
A light graze is all we need sometimes, and when the sun is shining I tend to find myself seated on the outside tabled of Lounge Three87 with a friend sipping on a coffee and eating their mouth watering salt and pepper squid.

Now, I know a lot(... about oysters) but I don't know everything, so I would love to hear your seafood recommendations for my next "Seafood Sunday Special" -  let me know in the comments below.

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