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Ready for summer on the Pen thanks Evolve

August 27, 2017

As you are reading this, are you sitting on the couch or in bed regretting your weekend decisions? I know I am. Lucky for me, I trained with the talented Domino from Evolve PT and Health on Saturday morning, which has given me that motivation to kick the bad habits and get fit for summer...but obviously I will start this week- whoops. New week, new me.. or something like that.
Based in Dromana, with the option of outdoor classes and PT Sessions, Evolve Personal Training and Health not only focusses on fitness, but also education. During my workout with Domino I learnt so many new things about exercise, hormones and diet, which has really given me a new outlook on how I approach my health and wellbeing. Evolve has helped me understand that living a more healthy and active lifestyle will in turn leave me happier, and when you get to train with someone as friendly and knowledgable as Dom, it really isn't hard to make the change.

Incorporating resistance training and high-intensity interval training, Evolve makes working out fun and comfortable. Dom assisted me with my form, and taught me new exercises leaving even myself impressed with my current fitness level and ability to learn so quickly. It was also great to have that extra ‘push’. I am no stranger to the gym, but often find myself shy away from resistance training and instead to the treadmill, where I end up running aimlessly until I've had enough of the repetitiveness. Dom encouraged me to push out those few extra reps, and had me working on body parts I have never trained, and you know what- I really liked it! In my 45 minute session, I completed a full body workout, which still has me feeling sore, but in that good, accomplished way. With summer only three months away, I know I will be visiting Evolve regularly so I can get that summer bod I have always dreamed of so I can bring in the New Year in a happier and healthier state of mind.  

For daily motivation, tips, tricks and blog posts head to Evolve PT & Health on social media. & on Instagram.

A blog I personally found very helpful, was Dom's post on cheat meals and the negative connotations. She explains life is about balance and we shouldn't restrict ourselves. Have a read yourself at - So why not challenge yourself and take the first few steps to a healthier and happier you. Prices for Personal Training sessions are as per the website: if you mention this blog, you get $20 off each of your first three PT sessions, which is $60 in total. Time, money- it's no excuse. Get summer ready today :).#SupportLocal #UnlockThePeninsula.












Written by Stephanie Bray

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