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Peninsula Endermologie Presents: Your Summer Body

December 20, 2017

If I were to say CelluM6 Integral to you, would you know what I was talking about? No, neither would I- but thanks to Niamh Hislop from Peninsula Endermologie, we can get up to speed with this revolutionary practice. 


We have all been there, some of us (me) there now, where all of a sudden it's Wednesday the 20th of December- how!?- and you're staring at yourself in the mirror realising you kind of, most definitely, missed the 'get my summer 17/18 bod' memo. Thanks to endermologie, which is surprisingly unheard of, you can get that extra help and extra motivation aka. a kick in the butt. 


Short and simple: endermologie is a 'lipo massage' that stimulates your skin by using vacuum suction and mechanised rollers. This sends a signal deep down to the fat cells to activate lipolysis - which is the natural release of fat - and increases this release by up to70%! After your session you then either sweat it out, or drink a ton load of water, and flush out all those stubborn, nasty toxins your body naturally finds difficult to dispose of. This not only assists in weight loss, but also muscle repair, cellulite eradication, and best of all, leaves you feeling totally energised. I can confirm, after my sessions with Niamh I would return to work and smash out all of my tasks with crazy motivation, because you honestly feel great. The only way I can explain it, is how you feel after a huge workout, once you have had your hot shower and are lying on the couch in your comfy clothes watching your favourite TV Show and your muscles feel fabulous. It's heavenly.


Peninsula Endermologie, and the ever so lovely Niamh, offer this beneficial service to the Mornington Peninsula community. Located in Mount Eliza, at 120 Humphries Road in a private treatment room, Niamh can help you achieve your health goals and dream body you didn't think was possible- and the best part? The sessions are only 35 minutes! What I loved most about my treatments was how informative Niamh was, I now know so much more about cellulite- why we have it, what we can do to reduce it and how to get rid of it, as well as the importance of eradicating our body of toxins that build up over time. Endermologie is great for your booty, thighs, stomach (all the stubborn fat locations we all dread exposing on the beach in summer), and anywhere you may have a build up of lactic acid from your training, as well areas with tissue damage- which is the whole reason LPG was created. I personally couldn't recommend this treatment enough, I have even told my dad to head on down to Peninsula Endermologie to assist with his sore calves. Still need convincing? Here is what others have to say about it:

"I tried Peninsula Endermologie last year when I was training for comp! Was so worried about my little dimples being on show when I was going to be wearing nothing other than a tiny bikini! I booked 10 sessions and I have to say, I've never had sooo many compliments on my bum! One particular person commented that I had NO cellulite whatsoever! Best thing I have ever done was to go see Niamh for these treatments!! Would also like to say that visiting Niamh was like visiting a friend for a catch up, so friendly and welcoming/ Would 100% recommend Peninsula Endermologie to everyone, after all, summer is only just around the corner.... :)"   Tracey. September 2017


"For poor circulation and sluggish lymphatics, Niamh's treatment was wonderful. Painless, informative, professional and even relaxing!!! Niamh has such a warm and lovely nature that I felt so comfortable and at ease in her care. Even after one session, my hands haven't felt cold!!! It feels lovely to have supported my body and felt like all I have done is had a massage!! Thank you gorgeous Niamh."  Tory. July 2016

"Fantastic!! This has been amazing for me. The difference in my body before and after have been amazing. Areas toned and are noticeably thinner and smoother. Plus no more flappy underarm thingy and I have even noticed the swelling under my chin has gone due to the boost in circulation and "rewiring" of my lymphatic system. Thank you Niamh xx"  Angela. November 2016



 Contact Niamh today for your consultation

Phone: 0434 946 209



Instagram: @peninsula.endermologie


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Written by Stephanie Bray



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