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Montalto Olive Grove & Vineyard

February 20, 2018

Yes, just another winery to add to your list here on the Mornington Peninsula, and I assure you- this list will only get longer and longer if you continue to follow Peninsula Lifestyle and my foodie saturated blogs. Can you really complain though? I mean... FOOD... and WINE... what else is there to this crazy, wild lives of ours?

 So without further ado, let's talk about one of the most famous vineyards here on the ninch, being Montalto Olive Grove & Vineyard. This fabulous spot is famous for a lot of reasons, some of which being their stunning property, sculpture walk, pizzeria picnic area for casual dining, expansive and sprawling lawns, luxurious restaurant, and- of course- THE WINE!! Every time I have been lucky enough to visit, whether that be in summer, autumn, winter or spring- it has been crawling with visitors like myself enjoying all that makes this grand venue: 'Montalto'. With 14 chef hats under their belt, it's a no-brainer that I even went as far as buying my mum a Montalto voucher redeemable in food and wine for her Christmas Present- lucky woman, I know-, in the hope she would take me there with her for lunch. Sadly, I can confirm, as of Tuesday February 20th 2018 this hasn't occurred yet... but I'm working on it. 


Generally, when I visit it's a spontaneous trip to the pizzeria. I am one of those people who doesn't too often stray from their usual food order- my New Years Resolution is to kick this habit, but I thought you could perhaps take my order the next time you visit because it's great- just saying. You honestly can't go wrong with the traditional Margherita pizza- seriously. The basil, mozzarella and tomato just pairs so well with any wine, from white to red. Next, I order the fried cocktail potatoes because they are absolutely to die for, and who doesn't want to carb load on a sunny afternoon. Last but not least, or first now that I think about it, I also order the cheese platter to share. Montalto makes a mean rosé, and that is my pick every visit. It's such a summer drink for me, so no matter the weather, it's like sipping sunshine. 


But whatever you choose to eat and drink will of course be thoroughly enjoyed when you're sitting amongst the luscious gardens, comprising of huge sunflowers and flowers for each colour of the rainbow. Scattered amongst sculptures and beautiful old cars, the space is just stunning. Therefore it's not hard to understand why I love Montalto so much, when it not only offers a unique wining and dining experience, but the grounds also encourage appreciation of the simple things, like flowers and art, bringing this creativity and down-to-earth approach to the forefront of every visitors mind.


For those winter wine people out there, you can still enjoy the pizzeria with the help of huge blankets. The lovely staff provide these upon request and I think sharing a blanket could be a romantic winter date- and yes ladies, you can quote me on that to your man. "Peninsula Lifestyle said...."YOU need to take me to Montalto.


Further to that date you're already organising in your head, I think you should note the sculpture walk begins from the restaurant, and continues in between the vineyards, through the boardwalk and opens again at the furthest vineyard. I would encourage timing in at least an hour to ensure you can make your way around the entire sculpture walk and also take a few sneaky Instagram pictures, because if you don't snap it- did it really happen? The sculptures are updated and changed throughout the year so I think it's very important to diarise your Red Hill adventure a few times for the rest of the year to experience this all for yourself. Once with your friends. Once with your partner. Once with your parents. And once with yourself... multiplied by ten, because why not? How lucky are we to have a venue like this only a short drive from our homes. 


Don't forget to share your snaps and recommendations with me through your photos, hash tagging #unlockthepeninsula.


...Bring on 2018 and all the Montalto rosè to come.




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