Growing up on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, Stephanie has always been an enthusiast of her beautiful home. Combine this with her passion for writing, knowledge of the area and desire to a appreciate aher community, it was inevitable for 'Peninsula Lifestyle' to come to vivid colourful life.

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Introducing: me

February 23, 2018

Yep. Exciting, right? I thought it was about time I actually told you all a little about myself. Whether you have been following Peninsula Lifestyle since the beginning, or just joined our buzzing little community, I am sure you will know I am a home-grown Mornington Peninsula gal. I love everything about our home, and have always taken way too many photos of the beach and the sunset, and spoken way too much about all the places I want to wine and dine at- so the creation of pen lifestyle and this blog was pretty much inevitable. My friends and family were THAT relieved when I told them I would be bothering all of you and not them anymore with my recommendations and photos... So, let's get bothered!

I am twenty- two years old (my birthday is the 15th of May if you want to make note of it...), I work in real estate as a sales agent, and in my spare time between selling property and managing Peninsula Estate Agents (with some lovely help of course), I take photos of the food I eat at local venues around the peninsula, take photos of me walking my adorable sausage dog sizzle, take photos of the sunset and sunrise (every. damn. day.), and meet the small business owners and entrepreneurs of the ninch to in turn write blogs- just like this one, and share their stories with you. Oh, and I take photos- if I didn't mention that already.

I wasn't always a Mornington Peninsula gal. In fact, I moved from the big smoke to Mount Eliza in 2007, and I haven't looked back since. Growing up on the peninsula was the greatest gift my parents could have ever given me, and I hope to give the same gift to my own kids one day. My childhood here, my schooling, the friends I have met, the growth of finding myself and moulding into the woman I am today- it couldn't have been within a better community or a better place. The moment we moved to the peninsula, myself and my sisters (I have two of them), noticed right away how humble and kind everyone was. It was all just so... different. You truly live a holiday lifestyle every day. I mean, the kids even played different sports- like surfing. "Oh I'm just going for a surf after school. Catch some waves. No biggie". It was the strangest thing, I swear.


Aside from the variety of sports (I was eleven when we moved here, can you tell it's such a child thing to notice!?), I found that other things like art and drama were explored and taught more. Being a lover of the written word, I adored I could explore and grow as a writer with so much support around me. Environments like this are exactly where our youth should be. Places where our creativity is encouraged. In saying this, I would like to acknowledge my childhood mentor, Chris Sutcliffe, who encouraged me to keep writing. Here I am Chris, still writing. 


I love that you all love what I have to say about our home, and are genuinely interested in learning more about our community and some of the unique members that make it what it is. To be enabled to share my appreciation and encourage the same from all of you, while doing something I am passionate about (talking, writing and some more talking) is truly a blessing.


My integral aim is to assist local in any way I can. So if you are reading this and a friend's business comes into mind, or even your own business- please do not hesitate to contact me at You've heard my story- I can't wait to hear yours.


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