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Sweatin' it out with KX

March 13, 2018

I don't know if it's just me, but summer always leaves me a little heavier than usual. It's definitely not the excessive increase of gin and tonic consumption, or the daily cheese platters I'm sure- but never the less, summer 2018 left me in a spot of bother: Bali bod was not so Bali bod and this bod is going to Bali in 8 weeks. Uh oh. 


I needed something to shock my body, but something that could still fit within my busy schedule- I work on an appointment basis with Peninsula Estate Agents so some days I feel I don't have enough time to breathe, let alone exercise! This is where KX Mornington came in. They have created an hour-long class that not only works me harder than I would by myself (...ever), but also within a welcoming and fun environment that always leaves me wanting more. I mean, when I am forcing myself up at 6am to head to Pilates- you know it's good. Okay,Okay, I'm addicted... I said it!



What I love about KX is that each class is different, and each teacher has their own style which definitely shows through their workouts. It also challenges your entire body. I'm talking muscles I don't think I have ever used, people! It's crazy, but so satisfying, and my body reacted right away. I feel leaner and more in tune with myself, which is due to the stretching and breathing techniques incorporated in the classes. This is something particularly I really like, because I feel it makes me present. I mean, to for once not be thinking about that email I need to respond to, or that phone call that needs to be answered, is really a precious, admired thing. Something I need to do more often, and am being encouraged to do with KX. I think to also be thrown a difficult move or exercise during the class- sometimes ones that reallllly test my balance, and to be able to complete it, is so satisfying. I think it's the challenge has me hooked- all I want to do is get stronger and more balanced and more flexible, and I know that KX Mornington is going to get me there.


Mixing up your fitness routine is a must, because it not only keeps you interested and motivated in your health, it actually gets you better results too. The workouts are also designed in a way that you can go at your own pace, and also still work yourself super hard (I'm talking sweaty backs and foreheads - yep!!) despite an injury ect. They are suited for male and female, and any fitness level. SO if you're looking at eradicating that summer slump (literally), then head on to KX Mornington and try their introductory offer: 5 classes for $50. Mention Peninsula Lifestyle and Charmy and the team at KX Mornington will look after you. 2018 is the year for new experiences... make this one of them!


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