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"Too Pretty To Eat"

May 28, 2018

Or so pretty you have to eat. Either way, there are no doubts that the stunning, mouthwatering creations that are "Mons Cakes" will amaze you, AND your tastebuds. In honesty I have never been much of a sweets person, but rather a "I'll have two champagnes to your desert and that's the same thing", kind of gal. I believe that thanks to Monica, I have been converted. How couldn't you when they look this good! As Monica put it herself "For me, taste is most important. I want my cakes to look beautiful but I pride myself on them tasting even better than they look"- and you know what, I believe her.


Mon's Cakes were born right here on the ninch. Monica learned all she needed from her own mother- who clearly knows a thing or two about how to work a kitchen. It all began when Mon celebrated her first child's birthday, that was the birthday cake that changed it all. Her baking lead to family and friends requesting her skills and passion for their own desert needs. I would've requested too, but sadly there are most definitely no talented bakers in my family. Thanks to this support Mon now creates these wonderful gifts for us all in the spare time she has between raising her three children and running a family. It's so heart warming to see a dream and passion be pursued, despite the craziness of life, and for it to be met with such success.  From chocolate, to cherry-ripe mud, to salted caramel, to white chocolate, lime and coconut (Ummm.... YUM!), Mon has got your next event covered (with icing). 

In some cases pictures speak louder than words, and I would argue this is definitely one of those times, I mean, seriously... how good do these cakes look! With that said, there won't be much of a blog for you all to read, so instead I am going to continue my rambling and delve into the sacred art of supporting local and small businesses. I shared a post recently that talked about this, and how we are all so quick to support a celebrity who we don't know, and who definitely doesn't need an extra dollar in their pocket, rather than support our neighbours, our families and our friends. Spending your money locally in turn puts that money back into our community- it doesn't ship off your hard earned cash to someone you don't even know, living on the other side of the world. The post also discussed how we meet our local entrepreneurs and businesses with doubt, rather than support- pointing out the risks, and just being all round negative nancy's when they share their ideas. Even I have been on the receiving end of this once or twice, and it sure isn't motivating. I think it's so important to remember we live in an amazing place, and it is these small businesses just like Mon's Cakes, that further make our home here on the peninsula what it is- bloody great! So in short, support your friends! Support our local businesses and support amazing ideas that further make our home an amazing place to live. Rant. Over.


Well, nearly. It's obviously not a surprise that what else I love about Mon's cakes- aside from them looking and tasting like heaven, is that she uses local food and products to create her masterpieces, such as the likes of Bloom Room in Mornington. Supporting a local who supports local... tempting, isn't it. SO, to organise your next cake, head over to @mons_cakes on instagram and shoot her a Direct Message. Or if you are more of a Facebook person, look up "Mons Cakes Mornington" and check out her work, feel your stomach rumble and tell you to order one of everything- I know mine did. Be sure to share your slice of Mon's cake with me through our hashtag #UnlockThePeninsula - I can't wait to see what flavour you choose. For my Monday night I think I am feeling... mud chocolate double drip. What about you?


#UnlockThePeninsula #SupportLocal


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