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You need an annual property market update.

July 10, 2018

The original heading of this blog post read: Why you need an annual property market update. I decided to scratch that and take a more direct approach because, the reality is- you really do need an annual market update on your home and your investment properties. A lot can change in 12 months. The market goes up, the market goes down. Properties sell for crazy prices in your street, both high and low, and in turn, impact your home. Shock, right? But why is it not commonplace to check how this affects the price of your biggest asset: the roof over your head? I ask myself this question every day as I walk the streets offering this report and information to the community... while getting doors slammed shut in my face - ha ha.

So, just to clarify - no, I am not trying to sell your home. I promise, I'm really not. Whether you are looking at selling within the year, or in seven years, a market update is necessary for you to make sure you are adequately insured, it helps you to know what dollar amount the bank will loan to you should you wish to buy more property, and to put it simply- ensure you know what the hell is going on in your area! 


With the busy Peninsula Link making our home so much more accessible to the greater community of Melbourne, and the clear high demand of those seeking a seaside change, I have no doubts you will be pleasantly surprised with how your home and the dirt it sits upon has financially benefited you. And to be honest, we could all use a little good news in this dreary winter weather. Book your market update with me today, so I can give you the confidence your beautiful home was a great investment for you and your family. 


SMS your name and address to 0428 274 400 to organise your personalised market report- I truly look forward to assisting you.

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