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How to make small, BIG

July 13, 2018

I have ten great tips and tricks on how to make your unit, apartment, or even bedroom, appear bigger than it is. You'll be kicking yourself that you haven't done it earlier! 

1) If you have boards throughout your home, put them in your bedroom too. This gives the illusion that the floor is one entity of flowing space, rather than separated rooms. Floor boards also make for easy cleaning (in my opinion), and allows you to put your interior designer hat on and have a play with stylish rugs. Release the designer within and have some fun!


2) Opt for larger windows that allow the entry of natural light- the best kind of light. If this isn't possible, then mount your curtains from the ceiling (rather than the actual top of the window), to give the illusion of a larger window than you are actually blessed with. 


3) Turn the built-in-robe doors into mirror doors, or purchase a large mirror and make it a feature. This not only bounces light around a small space, but it also means you can look at yourself 24/7- and who would be mad about that!?


4) Use the space between the bottom of your bed, and the floor. Pretty simple, but so many people forget about this space. Storage, storage, storage. Another option is to sell some of your stuff. Trust me, once you start you won't stop, AND you'll be left wondering why you even needed it all anyway. Minimalistic living is the new black, hadn't you heard?


5) Replace doors with sliding doors- get rid of that pointless space the door swing takes up when opened and closed. This is obviously easier throughout an apartment or unit, but in a bedroom you could do this with the mirror doors we spoke about earlier. No wasted space, no worries.


6) Eliminate your ugly shelving units, and replace them with wall shelves from ceiling to floor. You can even make it pretty with plants and decor. If you're local I would recommend visiting Zen Living, on Main Street Mornington. They have some absolutely beautiful items that will probably make you want to cover every wall in your house with shelves just so you can purchase it all!


7) Paint or wallpaper the ceiling, so it is different from the four walls that connect to it - this makes the room appear taller.


8) Statement furniture and/or Art. Rather than lots of small things, pick one BIG thing that draws the eye to it. This gives you room top get a little creative, and pick something super unique that provides your space with your personal character. 


9) When it comes to picking your furniture, try to lean towards items that are lifted off the floor, rather than covering that small space between. This trick means the space it sits on isn't boxed to our eyes. Magic!


10) Make sure your colour scheme is LIGHT - like the colour of all of our skin in this absolutely freeeeeezing winter weather. Think cool, airy and bright. This opens up the space.


Was this of use to you? Let me know! 



Steph xo













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