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Pala Cibo: A Mornington MUST

August 14, 2018

I am actually getting tingles in my fingertips as I am writing this, because I am just so damn excited to share Peninsula Lifestyle's newest Mornington find with you all. Nestled amongst many of our dear, local businesses, such as Mornington Brewery and Body Change Boot Camp on Watt Road, this unique, buzzing and totally "peninsula" cafe and restaurant awaits your empty tummy. Pala Cibo, pronounced pa-la-see-bo, offers a menu that simply ticks all of the boxes- oh you're vegetarian? TICK! Can't stomach gluten? TICK! Trying the vegan life, that's pretty hard when it comes to eating out.. oh wait, TICK! And for those with no preferences or allergies, it's a double tick. Fish, poultry, red meat, fresh veggies... tick, tick, tick. This menu is always changing, but is constantly inclusive of all pallets and eating preferences.


It includes the likes of fish tacos, to polenta porridge (one of my faves), to a deconstructed lamb souvlaki, to "the house deposit"- smashed avo, to a good ol' eggs on sourdough breakfast. Each dish is unlike the other, sharing only the fact that each ingredient is locally sourced. And by locally, I mean literally next door, from the storage factory. Being owned by the local Palamara family- the owners of Village Fruits in Mount Eliza, Pala Cibo shares the Village fruit shop's local, fresh and vibrant produce.


Describing themselves as "casual, but contemporary, with a restaurant feel", Pala Cibo is THE spot, whether you're after a breakfast with the little ones, ensuring each child is fed, happy and their thirst quenched ahead of a big day of errands in Mornington- which is easy with P Cibo's fresh juice selection. OR, if you're after a brunch with the girls, which turns from three of you, to six of you - thank god for the large tables! Or for a 'Winter Warmer' lunch by the fire with your lover- romantic, easy and local. Or as a quick stop in after your gym workout at one of our many and local fitness centres in the area, for a take away caffeine hit. Or even for a sunny afternoon treat from the fridge with a hot coffee, in the company of yourself, with a book in hand soaked in the sunshine of the front decking and eating space. OR as whatever, and wherever your imagination can take you.The venue is versatile. It's unique. It's where you will be this weekend.

Thanks to the head chef, Mario, I have the confidence that whatever you choose to order at P Cibo, will pleasantly surprise you. I also have the confidence that you will leave feeling content, and thrilled with the service, thanks to the beautiful staff and their welcoming smiles, that make you feel right at home. I'm talking to you, Bonnie! This local business is friendly and welcoming, and invites you to be a part of the family. I certainly felt right at home amongst the hustle and bustle of service, and the smell of coffee as we ate, chatted and enjoyed the simple things in life last Sunday morning. 


Pala Cibo isn't stopping there, either. Aiming to further service the community and all of our wine and dining needs, catering is also offered for your own special events- or for those who aren't bothered with the organising, a tapas and wine bar experience will be available from this summer. Think local wines and beer, Asian and European inspired sharing dishes and good vibes in the sunshine. Do I really need to emphasise the, tick, tick tick!? 


I hope I have covered it all, because Pala Cibo most certainly covers it all:

- Campos Coffe: with the skill of trained and experienced staff.


-All Day Breakfast: no matter if you slept in- eggs all day!


-Lunch Meals: served from 11.30am, with dishes suited to everyone.


-Ready to eat Sandwiches & Fresh Salads: Lunch on the go for the busy worker.


-Pastries and Sweets: made in house daily, whether you are after a treat OR something clean.


'Cibo' is the Italian word for food. The Palamara family live and breathe food, made with fresh, and local ingredients. Combined, they have created Pala Cibo. The question is- why haven't you visited yet?



Steph xo


Visit P Cibo: 98 Watt Road, Mornington VIC 3931


Phone P Cibo: 03 5973 5776

Connect with P Cibo: @pala_cibo_ 

Learn about P Cibo:


Have you already visited Pala Cibo? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!









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