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Ben Watkins says: LIVE

August 17, 2018

If you were to ask me a week ago what a life coach is, I would've probably mumbled an answer along the lines of, "Uh, I dunno. Someone that coaches you about... life". CORRECT! But there is so much more to it, and thanks to local Ben Watkins, I now know all about life improvement coaching- what it is, what they do for you and the stereo types of the industry.

 Ben and I met amongst the sounds of brewing coffee and smells of sizzling bacon, at Holy Bean Cafe in Rosebud. Like me, and possibly you reading this, Ben is a peninsula resident through, and through. I believe that growing up on the peninsula moulds all of us into having a little more relaxed approach to life, and everything it encompasses. I think this is because we are surrounded daily by our calm bay, stunning rural landscapes, and supportive community... or something like that. However, that doesn't mean that the ups, and the downs, and the very, very deep downs of life don't still challenge us. Or even break us. 


Speaking with Ben was like a breath of fresh air. To be honest, I wasn't sure if him being a life coach would mean I would be questioned and puzzled for every small sentence that came out of my mouth. I wasn't sure if he would ask me a question and then deeply discuss and dissect my answer- kind of like what they do in English literature... now why do you think the author decided to describe the sky as blue? What is the deeper meaning to this? Blue may reflect sadness, which means the author was a single man who lived at home in a three bedroom home, with his three dogs and cat with half a tail, and suffered severe depression. That is why he described it as blue. Cue- roll of the eyes.


...I assure you, it is NOTHING like that. It was just an easy, casual conversation. 


Ben faced his own difficulties himself. Stuck in a job he wasn't passionate about. Getting by life with his head just above water. Then one day, he decided that helping people is something he wanted to do. Coaching people into being positive is something he wanted to do. Every damn day. Just like that, Ben quit on an ordinary Wednesday and began 'Ben Watkins Coaching' on the Friday. An extradorinaiy Friday.



Ben describes himself as someone who feeds off the energy of other people, and if his conversations, questions and advice, can assist those people - then he has done his job. He deals with the future, your future, and helps you to grab it by the horns and tell it exactly where you want it to take to you. Since the beginning, Ben has grown his company to an international level, even helping people from other countries to overcome their challenges. Offering his service face-to-face, via phone or online through mediums such as Skype, I have no doubts Ben can work you through whatever nasty rut you're stuck in. 


Since this time, Ben has helped the stay-at-home mum believe in herself, and her value, and facilitate her to accept and acknowledge her identity is more than simply a mother to her children and wife to her husband, but rather a PERSON, who can create, and love and live as she pleases. He has assisted the CEO break the boundaries of the norm, and develop their business successfully to in turn be financially rewarded. He has helped the local blogger, who believed her company couldn't grow any more than it is because of restrictions from work commitments, from time, from her own energy, and help her realise that if she is passionate enough, and hungry enough, it can be whatever she dreams it to be. As a result, here I am, writing more blogs than I ever have, meeting more locals and businesses than I ever have, and creating more vibrant peninsula lifestyle content than I ever have. For that, Ben, I am eternally grateful.


If you were to now ask me what life coaching is, I would answer: a chat with Ben Watkins. When are you having your chat?



Steph xo

#UnlockThe Peninsula

Phone Ben: 0400 075 621

Email Ben:

Connect with Ben: @bwatkins_coaching

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