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Your BFF

September 18, 2018

 Be Fit Food, your best friend forever, your BFF. With the help of this innovative and local business- your BFF- which is actually based right here in Mornington, you are able to truly achieve all of your health and fitness goals. Offering you structure, knowledge and mouthwatering recipes, this is a company with a mission to change your life for the better. BFF keeps your health at the absolute forefront of their approach, with founders Kate Save, Dr Geoffrey Draper and Janine Allis having formulated a program inclusive of delicious - but healthy (duh), ready-to-eat meals based on extensive research and science. Yep. You read that correctly: ready to eat. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!


If this isn't music to your ears then I don't know what is. For me personally, eating healthy is a daily challenge as I am quite time poor. From running my own business (which is pretty much 24/7... yawn), to writing these blogs and managing Peninsula Lifestyle for all of you beautiful people, if I get into one of those "I can't be bothered" moods, take out is my go-to option. Bad Steph. Sadly, I get into those moods quite often. We all do, and that's okay. We are only human. That is why Kate and the BFF team has created this easy and healthy program for us busy bees. Even better, it is all locally made and sourced and doesn't include any of that 'cutting food groups out' business. Just genuine, wholesome meals. Yum. 


Our community is blessed to have such a fabulous business, which is not only one-of-a-kind, but also damn successful in it's very early life. Being only 12 months old, Be Fit Food Australia has won the 2018 Telstra People's award, and is absolutely flooded with success stories. Have a read of them yourself- they're everywhere! Changing your lifestyle and approach to clean eating, Be Fit is something you need in your life forever. Period.


I tried out the "Be Lean 1000 7 Day - Create Your Own Menu"option. This included a collection of ready-made breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. They varied from Spanish eggs, to almond and flax seed porridge, to chicken and corn soup, to vegetarian lasagne. No meal was left unturned, and no flavours were ignored. Every single one of the meals was both tasty, filling and also left me feeling good about myself. No guilty conscious, no regrets. My body thanked me for it too. I woke up with more energy, and was no longer sluggish- even when battling some bad hay fever - my heart goes out to my fellow friends battling allergies this time of the year. It sucks.


What I loved most about the meals, is that they were all so different from one another. I got to truly enjoy food with varying flavours and origins each of the 7 days. Cooking for yourself, especially for one person, usually means you have the same stuff most nights. It's hard to purchase the exact quantity, which means spag Bol three nights in a row, right? WRONG- well, thanks to BFF.


A day in the life of Be Fit on my meal plan looked a little like this:


Breakfast: 5 veg eggs. Straight in the microwave and ready for me within a few minutes. Partnered with a black coffee from the Corner Pantry in Mount Eliza, it made for the perfect post-workout meal. I was left full for hours, and energised enough to get shit done. Even on a Monday morning.


Snack: 1 peanut butter protein ball. Even though I honestly could have eaten all six in one sitting, I was a good girl. The protein balls are probably my favourite product from the whole menu. So simple, so small, but so damn tasty! There are a few different flavours too, so when picking your BFF meals, I suggest you mix it up each week!


Lunch: Chicken and sweet corn soup. This was exactly what my red, sneezy, itchy nose and throat needed after a day of hay fever. Literally food for the soul. Knowing it was healthy on top of that was just a desirable bonus. Super yummy!


Dinner: Chilli con carne. Yes, you read that correctly. Who would've thought my FAVOURITE meal could be included in a healthy eating plan!? BFF know how to do it, and I assure you, it was bloody good.

 Those are just a few of the meals- the options are really endless, and did I mention yummy? The best thing about the vast selection, is that it makes eating healthy a) still within your control and to your taste and b) exciting! I mean, really, how many days in a row can you eat poached chicken and boiled broccoli. 


What makes BFF a no-brainer for me furthermore, is that the company is focused on education. I was lucky enough to chat to Kate and learn all about the "low carb living" approach, which is a heavily evidence based appetite control and weight management theory by leading researchers at CSIRO. It is focused on each meal containing approximately 20 grams of carbs, with absolutely no compromise on ingredients having a combination of 4-12 veggies in every meal, plus quality protein and healthy fats. This is the foundation of Be Fit meals, and the results simply speak for themselves.


So now guys, I turn it back to you. It's mid September and before we know it summer will be here and we will be frolicking by our stunning bays. Get the head start on your vacay bod- let Be Fit do it for you. 



Find Be Fit Online!

Instagram: @befitfoodaustralia

Facebook: Be Fit Food Australia





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