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Get your advantage with Vantage

October 26, 2018

Whether you are a small business owner of one of our many, stunning restaurants and bars here on the peninsula looking for something special for your new summer cocktail list, or just someone who loves a refreshing drink and to support local- Vantage is the answer. So, move on over gin and vodka, the peninsula has birthed the spirit of our nation. Botanical, unique, fresh, HQ in Mornington and bottled for you with love in Victoria. Vantage is your new go-to, I promise you.


This one-of-a-kind spirit will bless your tastebuds with Australian flavours, and a lightness not replicated in any other spirit I have ever tasted. For me, personally, I'm a gin gal. Or at least I was. Day drinking used to equal gin. Night out dancing with the girls equalled gin. After reading an article stating lot's of very,very valid research had confirmed that all gin drinkers have psychopathic tendencies (eek!), and being lucky enough to try Vantage, I can confidently let you all know, I have been converted... and so has my father in law, and so has my sister. It's spreading like wild fire, and YOU'RE next! Cue: dramatic music.


When Vantage can be used in classic cocktails such as a bellini, daiquiri, cosmopolitan, martini, margarita and mojito, you can see why you too will be converted. Cocktail night has just gotten a whole lot cheaper and I'm bloody happy with it! Forget four different purchases of varying spirits that hurt both the back pocket and the head- because we all know the first rule of drinking: mixing = hangover, and enjoy your new life with Vantage in it.

Now, you may or may not have known, that over the weekend Main Street Mornington held the annual food and wine festival. The sun was shining, the vibes were pumping, and I was at the local- Casa De Playa. This sunny Sunday was also the monumental day I ordered my very first "V & T"- with extra lemon, duh. That's right people, I steered clear of my usual G & T and ordered a Vantage and Tonic. It has a ring to it, don't you think? It's so versatile you can literally substitute it into any of your usual vodka or gin orders and their mixers. I have even had a shot of Vantage- for research purposes, obviously and I actually wasn't left with that after-shot-of-alcohol-I-regret-my-decision-I-should-probably-go-home-now-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life-face. You know, this face:


If that photo doesn't make you giggle and remember those "back in the day" party memories- or even, you know, last Saturday night, then you should probably stop reading this and go pour yourself a Vantage to relax. Seriously.


Vantage can be found at a few other local restaurants and bars like Casa De Playa, including the likes of Squires Loft, and, the most recently acclaimed (according to The Herald Sun), Bar Noir. It is stocked in IGA stores across the peninsula as well, including Mount Eliza, Mount Martha and Dromana, as well as Dan Murphy's nationally, on shelf in most Dan’s stores or online. Locally Dan’s at Benton’s Square has it on shelf. It is even stocked within Duty Free at airports throughout Australia, so, in the words of the creator: you can bring a little bit of Australia with you (if you live internationally), or gift a little bit of Australia (if you are the one going on vacation). If my very persuasive blog hasn't convinced you to go pick up a bottle for yourself for the affordable $56.99 from your local liquor store, then head on down to Benton’s Square Dan Murphy’s for a free tasting this Friday the 26th of October 3pm-7pm.


Through Peninsula Lifestyle's association and support with this innovative local business, I was actually lucky enough to meet the master-mind behind it all, Bill Hargitay.  It was refreshing and motivating all at the same time speaking with him about Vantage and why and how it came to be. Bill's singular objective was to develop and market a truly Australian premium spirit with bold Australian branding, comprised of native Australian botanicals and flavours. After trying Vantage for myself I am pleased to let you know he has achieved his objective with flying colours. Vantage is a genuine, unique and refreshing spirit now stocked at my house constantly. And you know what? I implore you to do the same.


Think about it, Vodka is quintessentially Russian, Gin English and Rum Caribbean. Australia is yet to have a spirit of the nation- that is, until Vantage came to vivid, colourful life. Offering your palate a multi-layered complexity that is smooth and crisp, with a gentle peppery warmth as it seeps into your stomach...that's what you will enjoy when you first try it, and how you'll describe it to your friends. That's how confident I am that you will love Vantage just as much as I do.


Vantage has the awards and accolades to match it's great taste. Since launching in May 2016, Vantage has been greatly honoured with: Australia Drinks Awards 2016; best innovation - best in class, San Franciso Spirits Competition - Silver medal 2017 & 2018, Australian Spirit of Choice for the 59th and 60th Annual Australia Logies Awards 2017, Australian Spirit of Choice for the MYER Spring '17 Fashion Launch, and many, many more. You'll be kicking yourself you didn't get onto this earlier! 


So, as the weather warms up, and we all creep out of our little hermit shells to actually enjoy our peninsula, why not switch up your usual drink order at your next wine and dine experience, and get your advantage with Vantage. 






Special note of thanks to Willow Creative for the Photography

Find Vantage Online!

Instagram: @vantageaustralia






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