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Your Day at McCrae

October 24, 2018

 Peninsula paradise comes in the form of a sandy stretch of peninsula beach, sprinkled with rainbow beach boxes at the foot of our stunning Arthurs Seat. Yep, you guessed it: McCrae Foreshore. This spot is without a doubt, one hundred percent, MOST DEFINITELY, my favourite beach location on our peninsula. It's simple beauty never fails to surprise me, whether my visits be at sunrise, during the day or at sunset.


Watching the sun kiss the horizon and then turn the sky and Mount Martha cliff into a hazy hue of pink and purple is my go-to activity to relax and unwind. Sometimes you just gotta shake the craziness of the day away and enjoy some quiet moments within your own company. Just me, my thoughts, and the barking of my two crazy sausage dogs- kids, right!?. This is my r&r, my safe place, my secret. I hope you too can enjoy this spot as much as I do...daily!


If you are visiting from further north on or of the peninsula, I suggest you take the Esplanade from Mornington, and enjoy the sweeping views of our bay as you wind your way through Mount Martha, down to the flats of Safety Beach and Dromana, and then around Anthony's Nose past the bluest of blue waters, until you find yourself approaching the McCrae Lighthouse and the string of local businesses, cafes and shops that make McCrae so unique. 

Before hitting the beach, grab a coffee from Merchant and Maker- and sneaky treat if you're feeling a like it as they allllways have some fab, home made sweets, and then head across the road for a quick stroll amongst the trees. If you turn right (while facing the beach within the main car park of the Foreshore), you will pass s quaint bridge lined  with the wildness of Mother Earth. In the mornings, this spot is soaked with the honey light of the sunrise and it makes for one good damn way to start your day. 


Next, make your way to the beach, which is hidden behind a fortress of trees. You will be welcomed by the whitest of white sand and clearest, flattest waters. You really can't go wrong with a stroll along this stretch of Port Phillip Bay. What's better, for the dog lovers, is that this is also a leash-free area, meaning it's a great spot for your pooch to run wild and meet other peninsula pups like my two hot-dogs.


In summer, the white sand is not only dotted with the colourful beach boxes, but lines of umbrellas and crowds of holiday-goers and residents alike, soaking in this slice of peninsula paradise in our hot, hot, hot summer sun. 

After a few hours of tanning, some frolicking in the sky-blue water, a stroll with the pups and many laughs with good company, I would encourage you pop your clothes back on - don't loose your spot on the beach of course- and then  head back over Point Nepean Road fro some lunch at the one-of-a-kind Greek Restaurant Alatonero. Serving the best Greek cuisine there is - my food choice has not been tainted or has anything to do with my Greek heritage... obviously- and summer influenced cocktails. Great for sharing and enjoyed amongst their Santorini inspired decor beneath a line of fairy lights. Does lunch get better!? Seriously.


Once your bellies are full and your tastebuds satisfied, head on over back to the beach to soak up those last few hours of summer by the bay. Head out on the boat, enjoy a stand up paddle board, snorkel around Anthony's nose or even play a game of beach cricket with the family. Anything goes when you're somewhere as beautiful as McCrae, don't you think? The beauty of the location is that it's only a short walk to the supermarket should you need any extra snacks or drinks, which may be necessary for my next activity for you: sunset watching.


The colours the sun paints the sky are always breathtaking, and make for a fabulous family photo, so don't forget the camera! Lucky for us it tends to cool down around this time too, which can be a relief from the searing summer sun. Once the sun is down, you got the perfect shot and your stomachs are all hungry again, then head back over- yep, you guessed it, the road! Dinner is served at Kobi Jacks. 


Locally sourced ingredients partnered together to provide you with your very own Little Italy in McCrae, you will be utterly pleased with dinner at this McCrae gem. My pick is hands down the mushroom and truffle oil pizza. If you can imagine heaven, and then being able to eat it, that's what this pizza is like. I actually still dream about it haha. 


So, there you have it people. Your day in McCrae, as delivered by Peninsula Lifestyle.





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