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Forget your afternoon siesta, join me at Trofeo's Spanish Fiesta!

January 7, 2019


O Trofeo, Trofeo, wherefore art thou Trofeo? Seriously though... I am really questioning where I would be without this fab venue. Standing tall amongst the rolling hills of Dromana, and set by a stunning dam full of the peninsula's cutest ducks (not a word of a lie), is this one-of-a-kind winery that you'll be kicking yourself you hadn't visited earlier. Even the drive down the stunning tree-lined driveway of Trofeo gets the heart going. It's beautiful, unique and family friendly.


I'm not one to tell you what to drink (the sparkling) and eat (the crusted scollops), because that would just be far too bossy. Instead, I implore you to visit once, twice, a hundred times and work your way through the entire menu and wine list because yes, it's that damn good. Offering an ancient twist on the produce of modern wines is the Trofeo mantra, and it is clear in the smoothness of their wines. If I were to describe it, it would be like melted honey dribbling down your throat. Are you imagining me saying this while swirling a glass of their estate pinot gris... because I totally am. 


Mooooooving on and straight to the point: get off tour toosh and go see it yourself. With live music blessing your ears in the sunshine, a stunning indoor restaurant complete with high ceilings and rustic decor, an expansive deck and a stunning garden setting just awaiting some good laughs and a cheese platter. Trofeo can accomodate your every need, me on the other hand am here to tell you all about their INSANE event with famous chef (and entertainer) Miguel Maestre. 


Not only does he know how to work his way around the kitchen, he isn't too hard on the eyes either (my mother agreed after I sent her a sneaky photo of him while he served me my paella... how good is family!), but he also knows how to put on a show and make you laugh. This ticketed event included a live experience of Miguel's (@thecrazybull on Instagram), take on a Spanish fiesta. I may not be Spanish, but after eating far too much paella and barbecue and churros and sangria- I bloody well wish I was. SO. YUM.


It was the perfect day for the Miguel's fiesta, not a cloud in the sky, the gold light of the afternoon sun making Trofeo and it's grounds all the more beautiful. I appreciated the effort and outcome of the team at Trofeo in collaboration with Miguel, it was truly admirable and an amazing way to make new memories. To attend a winery and be entertained, relaxed and fed, was an experience I was yet to have here on the peninsula, and it has now left me wanting more. Thank god you too can experience this Spanish fiesta with their NEXT event.


Set for Saturday the 16th of February - great little Valentines Day gift, hint hint - 12pm to 6pm. Tickets are an affordable $98 and inclusive of a harvest feast (you know, the barbecue, paella and churros I was talking about, cue mouth water), a glass of Trofeo's famous sparkling upon arrival, live entertainment- including the likes of live music, dancing and a DJ,as well as the best part: a live cooking demonstration by Miguel with guaranteed giggles and good food. Sounds like how you will be spending the weekend, hey? 


Still undecided? Head to Trofeo for a boozy lunch in the meantime. The venue, service and food will sell this unique Peninsula event itself. See you there for a some Spanish food,sparkling in the sunshine, and sangria on the deck!


Find Trofeo online:

Instagram: @trofeoestate




Book your Miguel tickets here:

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