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I can see clearly now the rain has gone

February 26, 2019

 By rain, I mean my short sightedness. Ah, clear vision. Something so many  people take for granted! Thanks to my family at Spectacle Warehouse in Frankston, I really can see clearly. The world is a different place for me now- ha. In seriousness, I have never been happier with an optometrist consultation, test and eventual, glass allocation in my whole damned six years of vision impairment. 


For my dedicated readers and viewers, you may have seen me mention this fab local business a few weeks ago. If not, let me fill you in. Spectacle Warehouse is a local and small business located on our Mornington Peninsula. You have probably walked past this local store, in fact, I have no doubts you have! Situated across from Hoyts Cinemas, being the corner store to the right at the entry of the Bayside Shopping Centre Arcade (how's that for precise), Dheeran and the lovely Spectacle Warehouse team await you.


I have been a glass wearer, "four eyes", "nerd"- yeah I've heard it all, for about 6 years, and in honesty was a typical cheap and unattached customer. Just give me what I need- after a 5 minute test, and I'll be on my way. This has of course lead to both the deuteriation of my eye sight (yep, it's getting worse), as well as painful marks always being left on my face and bridge of my nose- the evidence of using glasses not fitted correctly. It sounds small, and it sounds simple, but I know that if you wear glasses yourself you can understand the pain and frustration of pushing up glasses that always fall down, or that are too tight on your head. It's not pretty. Dheeran and the Spectacle Warehouse Team ensure this will never be the case for their customers. 


My most recent visit included a complete style consultation- yes, that means a professional literally telling you what frame best suits your face shape (celebrity stylist moment eat your heart out), and extensive eye tests, including the testing of my lateral vision. For someone who has visited an optometrist 1-2 times annually for the past 6 years, I can honestly tell you this was the first time I had ever participated in a lateral test. If that doesn't show you the care, extensive research and knowledge Dheeran and Spectacle Warehouse team ensure their customers receive- then I don't know what will.


What was even better, was that Dheeran actually taught me things. I know, wow, I learnt something! I learnt more than I had in six years, within my one session at Spectacle Warehouse. For example, the brand new blue filter glasses. These are perfect for those who stare at a computer, television, or screen for more than a few hours at a time. So basically, all of us. This filter protects us from damaging electrical light, by reflecting it back. No more strain, no more pain. I, of course, got this added to my lenses. I've been wearing them for a few days now, and can feel the difference already- even while writing this blog. This new filter is something I really do encourage you all invest in- we spend far too much time damaging our eyes with screen light. Look after your eyes, people! 


Upon picking up my stylish new glasses (yep, I am loving them sick), I was so pleased to find out that Dheeran would like to offer 20% off the total purchase price to my followers and readers. All you have to do is mention Peninsula Lifestyle. It's that easy! So, pick up your phone, dial 8759 1746, book in your eye test (we all need them), and even if you are one of the lucky one's like my partner who have 20/20 vision you can get 20% off your new blue filtered glasses. Support local, treat your eyes to something professional and affordable, and continue to.... #UnlockThePeninsula


Love always,

Steph x


please note: T&C's apply- not in conjunction with any other offer)



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