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Autumn Ultimates

March 29, 2019

The ULTIMATE things to do, see, taste, hear and enjoy on the peninsula during this stunning season of colour, brought to YOU by MWAH!


Ah, Autumn- it's always been one of my favourites, and not just because it's my birthday season (may 15th) (don't forget it) (I like any present that consists of food and wine), but also because it's the prettiest and the most versatile season of them all. Think sunny and cloudless afternoons drinking a fresh pinot gris by the bay, or cool rainy mornings by the fire with a cuppa. I love it! Like, am I feeling moody and creative? Cue, grey skies and the smell of burning wood. Or, am I feeling bubbly and social? Cue, Autumn sunshine and nothing but 25 degrees of amazingness. Yep, it's the best time of the year, and thanks to Mazda Mornington, I am was able to enjoy the ultimate Autumn weekend on the peninsula.


After meeting the lovely team on Friday after work, I was handed the keys to my ride for the weekend, the ride that was going to help myself, my partner and my beautiful friends enjoy all the ninch has to offer. Mazda's CX-5, helped me get there- from providing the wheels, to the problem-free Bluetooth so I could jam out between winery visits, to the spacious boot to hold all of our picnic items on our oh so romantic date night. So, buckle up ladies and gents, we are going for a ride... zoom, zoom (get it??).



The weekend began a little like this: I fanged a left out of Mazda Mornington, and then fanged a right onto Nepean Highway, and once I was a safe distance away played my jam at the moment niiiiiice and loud (hoops by the Rubens, because I am seeing them this Saturday at Peninsula Picnic-duh). The Mazda CX-5 is luxurious to say the least, and that new car smell got me goooood. I couldn't wait to share it with someone. So I pottered on to my house, called Daniel and said "get in babe, we're going for a ride", and so we did... to IGA Mount Eliza. Exciting. We were there to collect all the ingredients I needed in preparation for a gorgeous sunset picnic we had planned for that night. I was determined to truly utilise the CX-5 on this ultimate Autumn weekend, so our first night was spent testing out the boot space. And I can let you all know- it's great. Spacious, easy and fit all of our belongings in perfectly. Does it get better than that?


I won't go into too much detail, but our little picnic menu consisted of an entre of cheeses, cold meats and our fave dip (trio of olive), and egg salad rice paper rolls. For the main course we had a snitzel fillet, coriander salad, roast potatoes and a beetroot and chickpea salad. All of this was so easy and quick to make, I just cooked it all when we got home within 45 minutes, and we were then down at Moondah Beach, eating and watching the sun go down. Dan and I are both not sweet addicts, so our desert was simply a bottle of Trofeo estate's Pinot Gris. It's smooth and fresh and matched our little Mazda sponsored date night perfectly. This experience was unique and loved up- it took not even an hour to prepare, and was the highlight of my entire weekend. Stuck for something to do? This is the answer you've been looking for. Go on and get your picnic on.


Day Two with the Mazda (I am picturing a narrator voice-over when reading that back haha). In true Peninsula Lifestyle form, I organised a winery tour. Shock! I of course was the designated driver. Usually this role would make me cringe, but getting to drive the car in all it's smooth, fabulous glory, was enough convincing for me...well, for the first stop at least. Venue one was Trofeo because I was damn happy with our Gris the previous night and wanted to share it with my girlfriends. I have written a blog previously on this stunning venue, so do yourself and check it out- it's a one of a kind winery and I luuuuurve it.


The next stop was Critteden Estate, which is actually situated on the same road as Trofeo, which is oh so handy. It was my first visit to this spot and I was really pleasantly surprised! The grounds are stunningly landscaped and maintained, with short-term accommodation cabins overlooking the lake. Oozing luxury, greenery and that true "peninsula escape", I can confidently say myself and Mazda will be back again! I tapped out of this wine tasting- being the designated driver and all, but can confirm the Pinocchio Pinot Grigio was the team favourite. Next time I will definitely sit for lunch, but you will have to read about THAT experience in another blog- wink wink, stay tuned!

 After Critteden I cracked the shits- where is the fun in watching my girlfriends try all of these beautiful local wines when I can't! So, being the stubborn gal I am, I said NO to the winery stops, and YES to a peninsula roady. The best road of them all is of course the one snaking up Arthurs Seat. As the "Peninsula Lifestyle Adventure Mazda" (the car's new name) climbed it's way up Arthurs Seat, we all took a moment to bask in what truly is one of the most famous Mornington Peninsula experiences. We were lucky enough to have a little sunshine pop out for us, but honestly, no matter the weather this drive is just beautiful. Even more so in the CX-5, but you didn't hear it from me.

For the Sunday, in honesty, I chilled out with my lover and our sausage dogs because hey, we all need some R&R too, right? Having the CX-5 to get around in was an added bonus on our much needed family time. It's spacious, bigger than my little coupe, but not too big that I struggled to park it like I do in Dan's Ute. It's the perfect car from the perfect dealer, and I would just like to thank Mazda Mornington for sponsoring my fabulous autumn weekend on the peninsula. The team's kindness and professionalism shined through my every communication with them, and there is nothing more I love than supporting local. Being a family business of over 25 years, much like myself at Peninsula Estate Agents, working with them was everything Peninsula Lifestyle aims to promote. Loyalty, support and good customer service. Three ingredients to a recipe of success, and many Mazda adventures. So, if you're thinking of upgrading your wheels and you're after a little bit of luxury at an affordable price, be sure to keep the team at Mazda Mornington in mind. They'll ensure your drive to your new car is as smooth as the Bluetooth connection and quality of the Mazda CX-5 (can you tell I was impressed haha?)


Next time I think me and my little Mazda friends need to do a TRUE roady… great ocean road anyone?


Until next time my loves,

Steph x


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