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Peninsula Picnic 2019

April 3, 2019

Okay, I am going to start this pen picnic recap with a lyric from my favourite song that played on the day: do you feel, do you feel that you feel too much? Well, The Rubens, if you must know- yes, yes I do. I felt far too much of the food, red wine, white wine, sparkling, music and ambiance of all that is The Peninsula Picnic. So much so, I left Mornington Racecourse will a belly so full it hurt. Being the biggest and most renowned Mornington Peninsula food and wine festival, it would've been criminal for me not to try every little bit of food on offer, right? It truly was a great send off to my "treat yo' self" summer lifestyle, as I am now embarking on a 10 week health challenge (ugh!). 


As we entered the racecourse the clouds looked daunting and angry, but thank god I had one of my best gal pals who unfortunately missed out on a ticket this year, at home doing a little rain dance for us, pleading the rain to ease and the sun to pop it's shiny little head out. In the beginning, this did not happen because, well- "Melbourne Weather". That didn't stop the people of the peninsula getting their groove on. As Daniel and I sipped on our first glass of Pinot Noir, supplied by Tgallant (the Cape Schanck oh my lorddddy!), we couldn't help but smile as we watched attendees dancing and singing in the rain, ponchos and all, not letting the dreariness of Autumn put a damper their day. Thank goodness for the weatherman who was surprisingly on point, because it gave us all the opportunity to prepare. Picnic rugs and chairs were beneath cover, everyone was (stylishly) rugged up and. Despite the rain, which sprinkled on and off throughout the early afternoon, with a warm jacket everyone was cosy enough to still enjoy the Peninsula Picnic in all it's glory. 


Moving on to the important stuff: the food stuff. Locals featured their glorious creations for our tastebuds to savour and enjoy. My favourites was the Magherita Pizza from DOC, the duck dogs from Rare Hare (sounds a little like a gym exercise but I assure you- it's not nearly as painful haha) and the Croque Monsieur toast from Merricks General Wine Store. Some others featured at this absolutely fabulous event included: Tucks Wine, Max's restaurant, Alatonero, Casa De Playa (their paella is to dieeee for, especially on a cool day like last Saturday), Green Olive at Red Hill and Stables Smokehouse. I ordered all of the above with a side of T'Gallant's spritzed prosseco because too much red makes for a very sleeeeepy Steph. 


I was going to now discuss the highlight of my day, but I wrote and delete then wrote and deleted this sentence so many times, because the fact is- I don't have a highlight. I absolutely loved every moment of the Peninsula Picnic. The venue was perfect for the day, and the weather made sure to make up for it's morning mistakes by the time The Rubens played. The set-up was well thought out and structured very well, servicing the capacity perfectly. The food and wine was beyond words- no surprise if it's coming from Mornington Peninsula locals obviously. It was seriously such a great day and we can't wait for the next one- only 361 days to go! 


Now for the thank you's: a little shout out to AMPR group for organising "The Meadows", which was the cosiest little area perfect for my day with Pen Picnic as presented by Stellar. Enough of my rambling now, though, and instead enjoy the day in pictures as seen through my lense.






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