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June 30, 2019

I am not going to pretend that changing our nasty habits and adopting a healthy, clean and exercise-filled lifestyle is all sunshine and rainbows. It's bloody hard. Especially hard when we are in the heart of an Aussie winter, and all I want is to cuddle my lover in bed while watching horror films and sharing a piece of Laneway Dromana's famous baked cheesecake. For me personally, it's the eating I find most challenging. The exercise part I can do, in fact, I feel my body craves to move and groove and do it's thing. It's the 'when I get home' part that it goes terribly, terribly wrong. 


That's why I tried out the local - a meal delivery business, a health professional and your own personal chef... all wrapped in one. Crazy, huh? Delivered straight to your door, packed with all the nutrients our little bodies need and in the right proportions. That's another thing I struggle with. I think my parents are to blame with their whole "you can't leave the table without finishing your plate" thing. It's obviously got nothing to do with my lack of self-control.... ha.


So, it's pretty straight forward really. Partner your exercise regime with the meals and BAM, you're on the right track to getting the leanest, fittest and healthiest you have ever been. Pick the meals that best suit you, enjoy them for lunch and dinner. They are heavenly and leave you feeling full and satisfied. In honesty, I was surprised at how yummy they were, because let's be real: GENERALLY healthy isn't the absolute most mouthwatering. In fact, I find it quite bland most of the time, so you can understand how pleased I was to discover macros ticked all the boxes- even the most important ones!


Some of the winners from my selection of meals are as follows (pre-warning, is not liable for any stomach rumbling or mouth watering):

Salmon steak with smashed parsnip and dairy free white sauce and lucky number two: Spice rubbed chicken with sweet potato and betroot mash. The salmon steak was fresh and absolutely delicious. If the freshness of the veggies and meals in general is a concern for you, or something that has veered you away from the "pre-made, delivery of food" set up, then I am happy to assure you: the ingredients were fresh- even more so than some of my veggie picks from Aldi in the past! 


Another thing I really loved about the meals, is that sauces are all dairy free. I haven't had dairy for years, so this was a BIG bonus for me. There are even curry dishes, with absolutely no dairy, so your winter warmer cravings are still cured without leaving you with an irritated stomach.


Now that I am just a short five weeks out from my vacation, which was the whole reason I gave a go, I can confidently say I will be continuing my relationship with them. It's been a hot and heavy week, I am definitely wrapped up in the honeymoon of budding love, and am excited to test our boundaries together and expand my healthy eating journey.


Thinking of trying for yourself? Simply head to the site and pick your meals from their extensive menu:​


Jump on that health train with me! Let's get summer ready for our peninsula beaches BEFORE summer is ready.




Steph x



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